Katy Perry not crazy about being famous anymore Katy Perry is definitely more than a little famous, but she isn’t too crazy about her current situation these days.

Perry recently opened up to ‘Teen Vogue’ about wanting her career but without the downfall of fame, states Hollyscoop. “I’m tired of being famous already! But I’m not tired of creating. Fame i

Lindsay Lohan allegedly selling her designer items Lindsay Lohan’s rumored money problems are apparently not over as it is being reported that she is selling some of her designer items.

Lindsay reportedly has so many bills and such little income that she is selling a lot of her clothing, states Hollyscoop. Lindsay is reportedly selling the items to Los Angeles’

Kate Middleton reportedly bothered by pregnancy rumors Ever since marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton has been on baby watch, but it seems all that attention is getting to her.

Middleton is reportedly bothered by all the rumors about her either being pregnant or not being pregnant, states Hollyscoop. While Middleton understands the attention, she is allegedly having a hard time

Jessica Biel’s rumored engagement ring allegedly not her style When Justin Timberlake reportedly proposed to Jessica Biel, he apparently decided to do things his way and go for the ring he wanted.

It is rumored that when he started thinking about proposing, Biel’s stylist wanted to be in on choosing the ring because she knows her client’s style so well, states

Sarah Palin opens up about Levi Johnston There has always been a lot of drama between Sarah Palin’s family and Levi Johnston, but things are starting up again now that he is having another child with another woman.

Johnston has reportedly recently commented on the Palin family keeping his son with Bristol away from him. Now, Sarah Palin and her family want to

Jennie Garth keeps addressing Peter Facinelli split Jennie Garth has had a lot on her plate these days as she is trying to get through her split with her husband of about eleven years, Peter Facinelli.

Garth was speaking with Jay Leno when she addressed the recent split and divorce filing, states “Yes, it’s unfortunate, it happens to the best of us … i

Another ‘American Idol’ contestant eliminated ‘American Idol’ is cutting down the numbers as another contestant was eliminated from the show last night.

Deandre Brackensick did receive praise from the judges, but apparently ended up not winning over the viewers enough, states Judge Jennifer Lopez did want to use her save on Brackensick, but

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